IPPOWER 2012 is a powerful centralized platform for data center power
and environment. This platform provide accurate malfunction location ability,
which can fully satisfy the requirement of network operation and maintenance.
IPPOWER2012 with visual management, one-click configuration and automatically monitoring function,
it is no need professional person on duty that greatly reduce the difficulty to learn traditional IP technology.
IPPOWER 2012 provide centralized monitoring and unify management to multiple network
devices that support topological management, source management,malfunction management,safety management, configuration management, performance management to entire network,
and through topological diagram to centralized show the network source. At the same time,
IPPOWER 2012 also support interface setting, user addition,user management,area alert,
UPS brand alert,history data record and derive.


  • Support web visit;
  • Centralized power & environment monitoring platform;
  • Map display of branch information;
  • Support as many as 5000 branches;
  • Built-in watch dog;
  • Multiple user and multiple permission management;
  • Multiple alarm ways(sound-light, SMS, call, multi-media );
> More Product Functions
  • Elegant design of 1U 19 inch rack-mounted, with low power, ultra silence embedded hardware architecture;
  • Stable and reliable, various environment adaption;
  • Built-in watch dog to guarantee the comprehensive self-testing and self-recovery function of system;
  • Powerful monitoring and management platform for multi-area, multi-level, multi-user and multi-outlet;
  • All day uninterruptible real-time online monitoring and management for UPS and data center Power &Environment;
  • B/S structure of convenient management and use;
  • Support the centralized monitoring for various brands and types of smart devices( such as temperature and humidity, water leakage,smoke sensor, door contact, power distribution cabinet, precision air condition, battery capacity, battery detection);
  • Powerful integration monitoring capacity including the monitoring of power, fire , security, air condition, thunder protection, video, etc;
  • With figures and graphs in details to intuitive display the realtime monitoring status of each device;
  • Map show function;
  • Support various monitoring interface display such as list, map or plane layout according to users’ demands;
  • Great capacity of data process, top speed of respond time;
  • Powerful expert management(Powerful history record, report management function);
  • Support various bug statistic via bar and pie graphs interface in different regions;
  • High-speed of alarm respond time, support multiform alarm such as: SMS alarm, e-mail alarm, voice dialing alarm, broadcast alarm, etc;
  • System data backup and recovery function;
  • Large network database system to support the centralized monitoring up to 5000 outlets (adopts MY SQL database which is with powerful data storage and handle function;
  • Advanced modular distributed architecture to achieve powerful, flexible and simple program extension function;
  • Region management for different types of devices;
  • Real-time detection of monitored devices operation status and send alarm information via E-mail, SMS;
  • Support to record the history events of various devices operation and record the history data of various parameters;
  • Support to check the history event and history data of monitored devices, which will help users and system administrators master the running tendency of each monitored device, it greatly ensure the safety and reliable of the power and environment smart devices;
  • Centralized monitoring & management platform that can support monitoring for 5000 sites.
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The Application of Topology

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Ports Introduction


Dimension & Weight

Technical Parameter

MainboardSupport Mini-ITX SBC
Device1×3.5” Device bays (2.5” Device bays compatible)
Refrigeration2×40mm double ball-bearing fans
Power SupplyATX 200W AC220V
Front I/O Ports1×Power button1×Power LED6×USBSBC interface:
2 serial port
1×Reset button 1×HDD LED2×COM
Extension Port
1 PCI extension portMaterialSECC
Running Environment
Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°CColorBlack
Humidity: 10 ~ 90%
Safety Certificate
Netmate II EXT
Batt Manager
Smart Power Socket
MobileSite BE
Netmate III