High-intergrated Monitoring and Control Solution
Make Data Center Monitoring and Control
Become More Efficient and Simple


High-integrated monitoring and control solution for data center power environment: using one smart host can monitor multiple power equipments (UPS, Power Distribution, Generator, etc), environment status(temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage, etc), air condition and data center security status(video, door access control etc), this solution is high-integrated, convenient for installation and easy for operation.


Software and Hardware Integration

Powerful embedded WIN8 style data center monitoring software, equipped with powerful
permission management,powerful alarm function,abundant report
function, advanced three-dimensional data center display function and etc.
Abundant hardware ports ,which can acquire and monitor those power equipment and
environment parameters (UPS, battery,precision aircondition, intelligent power distribution,
surge protector,temperature & humidity and etc) and security system like
door access control and video.Also, those ports can be connected to sound-light
module,tel voice module and SMS module to realize alarm of sound-light ,call,SMS and e-mail.

High-integrated, One-stop Management

One host integrated with power system, environment system and security system for
monitoring and management, convenient in installation and easy in operation.

Dual Power Supply Ports, Dual Network Ports

Dual power supply Ports are designed to guarantee host normal operation, it can use 2 UPS for power supply, or 1 UPS and 1 AC for power supply.
Dual Network Ports are designed to use LAN & WAN monitoring simultaneously.

3D Data Center Display

Visual and intuitive 3D virtual data center display, bring a new view and experience to users.

Multi-user Multi-authorization Management

 Support to create 5 login users, and the permissions can be divided into view, control and manage

Monitoring Interface

Any Time Any Where, to Master your Datan Center Status
Take Your Data Center Monitoring In Pocket

More Functions

Built-in GSM Module,support SMS notification Built-in 32G SD card, support 3~6 years history event and data record Support N-G voltage detection, help to avoid grounding risk
Support multiple brands multiple models of UPS, PAC, etc Support 4 alarm ways, sound-light/Voice dialing/SMS/e-mail Support timing SMS for sending data center operating status
Support invalid time setting
(No disturbing mode)
Support remote adjust general air condition temperature, sup- port double-machine switcher by time setting , support auto reboot when AC recover Complete history record function with event process record function, can be export
Visual LCD display Support sound-light alarm Support remote self-testing, shutdown and UPS reboot function(need UPS support)
WEB access interface, B/S architecture, no need to install software Support multiple user management authority One key for time synchronization, no need input setting
WIN 8 user interface Visual and intuitive 3D virtual data center display Built-in chargeable battery support continuous working when AC off
Support N-G voltage safety detection APP client-end, anytime anywhere to master data center status

Download The Solution

  • The operation is simple dynamic environment monitoring system
  • New view, 3 d display data center
  • The alarm response very rapidly sitepro
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